Legal team demands access to Biden’s plans to reinterpret law

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A legal team is demanding from the Biden administration details about how it plans to simply reinterpret a decades-old law to get the results it wants.

It’s a strategy the Biden administration previously has used – simply “redefine” a word or a phrase in the law to obtain a different result.

For example, Biden has tried to claim that “sex” in 50-year-old anti-discrimination laws means “gender identity” and the like, meaning that the new understanding would be that Congress back in the day intended to allow transgenders who were born male to share showers with biological females because that’s their “gender identity.”

The Washington Examiner reports the newest move is against the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, a 1974 statute that allows parents to access their child’s school materials.

They also are given the right to opt their child out of any surveys and such that come from third parties.

It’s an especially significant issue right at this point as schools are embedding racism, Critical Race Theory, “equity” ideology, and more in their curriculum materials.

The report explains how America First Legal is demanding answers about what plans the Department of Education has in its agenda to run a “rulemaking” process to “update, clarify, and improve the current regulations by addressing outstanding policy issues.”

Biden also wants to “make changes related to the enforcement responsibilities of the office concerning PPRA.”

The report said America First Legal is a “conservative legal group led by former Trump administration senior adviser Stephen Miller.”

It has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the U.S. Department of Education to obtain records about its plans to change the law by reinterpreting the rules.

The Biden administration action actually came after America First Legal turned over to parents a “legal toolkit” that instructs them on how to use the provisions of the law to support parental rights.

“Given the importance of the PPRA and its existing regulations to parents seeking to exercise their constitutional rights of oversight and control regarding their children’s education, this Freedom of Information Act request is crucial to provide transparency on the department’s process and motivations for the proposed rulemaking, and to ensure the department’s current political leadership is held accountable for any action that limits or impairs parental rights,” the request explained.

America First Legal has filed multiple complaints and cases against school districts because of their violations of the law.

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