Legal complaint filed against Maxine Waters for ethics violations

Finally, some common sense has landed on the table in the Maxine Waters case.

Judicial Watch has sent a formal request to the House Office of Congressional Ethics over Maxine Waters call to have Trump Cabinet members harassed in public.

Call It What It Is

For far too long, people have been pussyfooting around Waters’ statement.

After she encouraged her supporters to create a crowd and harass Trump Cabinet members, it was continuously passed off as protests.

Creating a crowd and harassing people is rioting.

And, that is exactly what Waters was trying to provoke.

Even though Republicans have the numbers in both Congress and the Senate, nothing has been done to Waters over her comments.

That changed when Judicial Watch filed its complaint.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated, “When you’re out there … inciting mob violence against sitting Trump Cabinet members, that doesn’t obviously reflect credibly on the House.”

He continued, “And the House has to decide whether they’re going to allow its members to use the House as a platform and its power and position to attack and incite violence.”

And There’s More

Something else to consider is the additional costs taxpayers are now footing forf security as a direct result of Waters comments.

We already know Sarah Sanders is now under Secret Service protection.

It is probably a safe assumption other Cabinet members have been given additional security as well.

While some Democrat members have gently pushed back, it has been far from hard enough.

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Several of them have openly criticized her, but they have taken no serious measures against her.

As usual, it is nothing but lip service to preserve their image rather than actually address the real problem.

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