Legal action unleashed as feds hide Biden family business secrets

May 24, 2023
World Net Daily

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There have been payments to Biden family members from Russia interests.

And from Chinese interests, with a reference to 10% held by "H" for the "big guy."

And from Romania's interests.

And of course all those payments to Hunter Biden from Ukraine's Burisma gas company, which was suspected of corruption.

And there's Joe Biden's response to that situation – he traveled there as vice president and threatened to withhold $1 billion in American aid if Ukrainian officials didn't fire the prosecutor investigating the company – and potentially Hunter Biden.

Soon there may be a lot more details coming out.

It's because government watchdog Judicial Watch has sued, under the Freedom of Information Act, for Biden family records and communications.

The issue is that the National Archives is concealing some 1,567 emails, 2,501 electronic files, and 445 pages of potentially responsive records, Judicial Watch said.

The action came about after the archives failed to produce "any records."

Judicial Watch has wanted "communications" involving Joe Biden, Robert Hunter Biden, James Brian Biden, Francis William "Frank" Biden, or Sara Jones Biden. from 2009 to 2017.

Sought were details about "any international or domestic financial activity, including but not limited to banking and financial institutions, overseas bank accounts, credit card companies, bills, invoices, fees, agreements, financial arrangements, payments, wire transfers, contracts, QuickBooks, financial spreadsheets, business proposals, office or residential leases, rent payments, real estate transactions."

Other targets of the request for communications included Devon Archer, JiaQi Bao, Tony Bobulinski, and dozens more, including a long list of companies.

The U.S. House already has released a report revealing that multiple members of the Biden family accepted $10 million from various foreign interests while Joe Biden was vice president to Barack Obama.

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