Leftists want gender counseling banned, but poll shows huge support

June 11, 2023
World Net Daily

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A new poll shows that a vast majority of respondents in the United Kingdom believe individuals should be free to engage in talk therapy over issues involving sexual or gender-identity disorders.

The practice has been attacked throughout the West, especially in America where Wikipedia describes that process as "pseudoscience" and WebMD uses scare quotes to say the process offers a "cure" or "repair" for a person's same-sex attractions.

Multiple states have, in fact, outlawed such therapy, infringing in multiple ways on the First Amendment's ban on governmental censorship of ideas and speech.

But some groups have gone even further, with the pro-LGBT GLAAD activists issuing a warning that therapists have even "change their terminology" to avoid detection of their attempts "to change a person's sexual orientation," and a mental illness organization calls such therapy "damaging and discredited."

Actually, in the U.S. courts have been split on the issue, with some ruling that free speech protects such therapy, while others have ruled for governmental censorship.

The new polling, from Christian Concern, said of some 2,000 adults asked, about three-quarters believe "individuals struggling with sexual or gender identity issues should be free to seek help through talking therapy."

The results come from Whitestone Insight.

"Even in the 18-24 age group, the most likely to be LGBT-identified, the data reveals that more than 60% believe access should be freely permitted," the report said.

The results were released just as lawmakers in the U.K. appear poised to follow leftist agenda points in America and ban such speech.

There, the plan would be to "criminalize any form of talking therapy involving sexual or gender identity issues. It may also criminalize prayer and other types of consensual conversations and would amount to a serious infringement on free speech and human rights," the report said.

"Respondents were asked if they agree or disagree that people should be free to decide for themselves whether to access any type of talking therapy they want in relation to issues of a non-sexual nature or issues relating to sex and gender identity. Data reveals, significantly, that opposition to people being free to access any type of talking therapy they want, is extremely low – 5% for problems of a sexual or non-sexual nature, 9% over sexual identity, and 10% in respect of dissatisfaction with being male or female," Christian Concern said.

Actually, 74% said therapists should be able to have those discussions with clients.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Concern, said, "It is a basic human right that people must be free to talk about sex and gender issues they are facing and to have therapy if they want it. There is no justification for a ban and it’s not even a popular policy when people understand what it is being targeted."

Williams' organization has pledged to bring a legal case against the U.K. government over the proposed speech ban.

Williams added, "The data reveals what we have believed all along that the ‘conversion therapy’ ban is LGBT minority activist-led legislation which the majority of the country don’t want, don’t agree with, and feel uneasy about. A ban will mean that the counseling room is no longer a safe space for clinicians. If they do not affirm what their clients want and feel they risk being taken before disciplinary panels, losing their careers, or worse."

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