Leftists Reveal Long-Game Scheme to Take Over Elections

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Leftists orchestrated a massive nationwide effort during the 2020 election to influence America’s voting results – for the benefit of Democrats.

It worked this way: Mark Zuckerberg handed over $400 million plus in cash to a couple of foundations which then wrote checks to local election officials to help them deal with the election process.

The result was that those officials often used the money to recruit voters from Democrat districts, providing ballot drop boxes to those communities and more.

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Analysts have said that almost without question changed the winner of the 2020 race from President Trump to Joe Biden.

Now a report at The Federalist explains that was just the start.

Victoria Marshall, in the report, explained after the influence operation was revealed, “Some 24 states listened to their constituents’ concerns and passed bans or restrictions on private funding of election offices. Six Democrat governors, however, vetoed such legislation, including the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina.”

But she said the efforts at “private infiltration” of election offices “is still ongoing.”

“The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) was one of two left-leaning nonprofit groups that funneled roughly $328 million from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to government election offices – particularly blue counties of key swing states – to help fund Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts, buy election equipment, and instate other election shakeups deemed ‘necessary’ under the cover of the Covid-19 ’emergency.’ Such a massive influx of private funding into government election offices was unprecedented, and it arguably swung the election in then-candidate Joe Biden’s favor.”

The report said that CTCL supported “nearly 3,000 departments” during 2020, but has a goal of infiltrating more than “8,000 local election departments by 2026.”

That is according to a report from the Foundation for Government Accountability.

The report elaborated, “Multiple emails between election officials in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, and CTCL focus on the latter’s new project, the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence, a coalition of leftist nonprofits focused on infiltrating local election offices under the guise of bolstering election security.”

Those offerings include things like, “Election Infrastructure Initiative Partner Toolkit” and “Redistricting Resources for Election Officials,” the report said.

The report charged, “By purporting to beef up election security, what CTCL really means is employing the same tactics used in 2020 to undermine election integrity laws and practices that ensure free and fair elections.”

It also noted that CTCL now is lobbying the federal government to be given taxpayer money to use on its partisan agenda.

“In the Lehigh County emails, CTCL officials thank the county administrators for signing a letter to Congress asking for $5 billion for election infrastructure that includes voting machines, ballot verification technology, ‘upgrading voter registration databases’ and local election management systems, and ‘strengthening cybersecurity,'” the report said.

Such agendas “should concern every American,” the report said.


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