Leftists renew attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas for his dissent on 2015 assault weapons ban

Unhinged leftists have renewed their attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for dissenting in a case that upheld a 2013 assault weapons ban in Highland Park, Illinois.

Highland Park was recently rocked by a tragic mass shooting on July 4th and now Justice Thomas’s dissent has come under scrutiny. Of course, Justice Thomas’s critics conveniently ignored that the assault weapons ban stood in spite of the dissent, and the ban failed to stop this terrible tragedy.

In fact, this recent shooting is one of the greatest arguments against the rabid gun control agenda that the left is pushing.

Gun bans don’t work

The tragic shooting in Highland Park proved once again that gun control legislation would only succeed at disarming law-abiding Americans.

Interestingly, the legal team arguing in favor of the assault weapons ban argued that “A ban on assault weapons and large‐capacity magazines might not prevent shootings in Highland Park (where they are already rare), but it may reduce the carnage if a mass shooting occurs.”

The Supreme Court accepted that argument and allowed the ban to stand in spite of both Justice Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia arguing against it.

Now fast forward the better part of a decade, and the argument of those favoring the gun ban has aged horribly.

The ban did not stop the tragic shooting that left seven people dead and nearly fifty people injured.

In fact, the shooter was known to law enforcement and was still able to legally obtain the weapons despite his violent past. The laws that exist do not work and the laws that Democrats want to implement will only further restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens.

“Shall not be infringed.”

Illinois is one of a minority of states that has implemented controversial “Red-flag” laws, laws which blatantly infringe on Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

Those laws failed in Illinois, but that hasn’t stopped Democrats from demanding that states nationwide implement them.

Justice Thomas was right to argue against the ban in 2015; thankfully, the Supreme Court has shifted in alignment since 2015. Hopefully, Justice Thomas can lead the conservative court in defending the rights of Americans to arm themselves.

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