Leftists claim Supreme Court now allows Biden to murder

 July 1, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

It didn't take long for Democrats and other leftists to jump the shark after the Supreme Court ruled Monday that President Trump has absolute immunity for his official acts while president.

They are suggesting that that ruling now means Joe Biden literally can order domestic murders with impunity, and they tried to sic Biden on Trump.

According to the Supreme Court, they claim, Biden could now send Seal Team 6 to take all of them out. "He could send in the military to take out Trump. He has 'immunity' for official acts now!" claimed Harry Sisson, who identifies himself as "Democrat."

The dispute is over the extreme view take by so-called special counsel Jack Smith, who obtained an indictment of Trump for his acts at president following the suspect 2020 presidential election results, which were under the undue pressure of interference from both the FBI and CIA.

Smith demanded that he be allowed to prosecute Trump over whatever action he took, including his discussions with the Department of Justice and the vice president over possible election fraud.

The Supreme Court said former presidents are not immune to prosecution for their private acts, but have absolutely and presumed immunity for their official acts.

Leftists immediately interpreted that to mean Biden could order murders.

The Daily Caller reported, "The left-wing media and pundits fantasized about President Joe Biden assassinating former President Donald Trump and Supreme Court justices as an official act…"

The report continued, "The decision ruled presidents have immunity from prosecution for official acts taken while in office. Chief Justice John Roberts stated in the majority opinion the analysis on which acts in the indictment are considered official are 'best left to the lower courts.'"

Some "pundits," the report noted, "went so far as to suggest allowing President Joe Biden to assassinate Trump."

Nation correspondent Elie Mystal said, "So ends the part of the American experience where our leaders were bound by the rule of law."

And that violence would not be limited to targeting President Trump alone.

Another demanded action now, "The test case for this is Biden assassinating Trump. C'mon Dems, you have the reins for a few more months, let interesting times commence."

The comments just got more and more strident.

One commenter pointed out that Biden would have immunity to take action against Trump, "Today. Right now."

Another was unable to unable to express his throughs without foul language, charging, "President Biden can have Supreme Court justices executed for treason. He can drone strike Mar-a-Lago. Rape, pillage and murder at will. All in the name of an 'official act.' I am ****** disgusted."

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