Leftists attack ‘dark money’ forces behind nomination, confirmation of Justice Barrett

Leftist critics of former President Donald Trump have repeatedly disparaged his three picks to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, including some who argue for adding new seats to the high court to dilute its current conservative majority.

In the latest stunning attack, left-leaning Jacobin magazine attempted to discredit Justice Amy Coney Barrett by linking her to “dark money” groups that backed her confirmation.

Leftists launch latest attack on Barrett

While such rhetoric clearly resonates among the progressive who do not want the conservative jurist on the court, others might wonder where the supposed controversy is.

After all, looking past the partisan facade, it seems clear that these so-called dark money groups with supposedly sinister intentions are ordinary and perfectly legal groups exercising their right to free speech.

Nevertheless, Jacobin cited Federalist Society co-chairman of the board Leonard Leo as well as a group of conservative judges and lawyers as influences behind Trump’s decision to nominate Barrett and push for her Senate confirmation.

Leo helped oversee Barrett’s confirmation in an election year by way of at least $22 million from “anonymous donors” spent on ad campaigns on her behalf, the outlet asserted.

The article even posted copies of tax returns for two tax-exempt nonprofit organizations controlled by Leo. Both the Rule of Law Trust and The 85 Fund reportedly accepted donations from private citizens and groups and funneled that money to other private political organizations.

Democrats employ similar rhetoric against SCOTUS

Despite the framing of these groups as shadowy and nefarious, however, they are by all accounts operating within the confines of the law. Of course, leftist activists have long been accused of seeking to silence political speech with which they disagree.

It is worth noting that Jacobin is not alone in pursuing this line of attack against Barrett and other conservatives on the high court.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) recently spoke out against the perceived ills of secretive political donations.

“Our Supreme Court is awash in dark money influence,” he said last month in a Senate floor speech. “The American people may not be able to see all of the rot, but they can see enough to know that something is rotten over there across First Street at that court.”

As Business Insider noted, however, Democrats are heavily involved in similar behavior, arguably to an even greater degree.

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