Leftist writer claims Trump fans are to blame for attacks on New York women

 April 9, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A writer in the leftist Salon publication is claiming that recent attacks on women in New York City are the fault of men.

Men who are fans of President Donald Trump.

Which would make them "Make America Great Again" supporters.

Which means it's all Trump's fault.

And the publication is getting scorched online for the theory.

report at the Blaze explains it was in an article by Amanda Marcotte that she claims the recent attacks, sometimes blindside punches that have injured women in New York, "were animated by the same misogyny behind support for former President Donald Trump."

The Salon piece claimed: "These stories resonate, as well, because the nation is having a moment of increasingly unhinged male fury at women for daring to have lives that are centered around something other than catering to a man's every whim. Unleashed by Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, there's an upswell of loud male entitlement shouting at us from every corner."

It cited six cases of women being victimized, although dozens of such cases have been documented.

Multiple suspects have been caught, and others are being sought.

But the article might not have generated the sympathetic comments it sought. At the Blaze one reader explained, "Rule number one of the democratic playbook; blame the republicans for the crimes you are currently committing."

And another said, "Black men randomly punching white women, in one of the most liberal cities in America = male MAGA-fueled rage."

And, "The crazy left doesn't want attacks on just ANY white people... they want these attacks to be directed toward Trump supporters. If they skew the narrative to make anyone have an excuse to be violent towards MAGA then they have done their job. Meanwhile, they are protecting their own. This is such a Gaslight."

Charles C.W. Cooke of the National Review noted the situation was "Beyond parody."

"Drug-crazed and violent criminals target people who can’t fight back, and that’s usually unarmed women. We can fix the problem by locking these men in prison or psych wards. It’s really that simple, and doesn’t require a ninth-grade feminist think piece in Salon," noted New York City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino."

Marcotte, online, explained she feels the criticism proves her right.

"Man, I knew this article was super true when I wrote it, but the hateful emails MAGA men are sending doubly prove it. Hit dogs, as they say, holler."

column at Daily Fetched pointed out how the Salon writer was "roasted."

"The leftist website published bizarre and unfounded claims in an article authored by Amanda Marcotte that the same misogyny behind Trump supporters animated the brutal attacks."

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