Leftist insists moms and dads confirm transgenderism in kids, or they’re ‘abusers’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A columnist in the Guardian is insisting that parents affirm any LGBT lifestyle chosen by a child, including transgenderism, or they should be considered “child abusers.”

These comments, according to the Christian Institute, are from Owen Jones, a columnist for the publication.

His comments were in response to a statement from Keir Starmer, a leader in the U.K.’s Labour party, who simply said children should not be “making life-altering decisions to appear like the opposite sex without the consent of their parents.”

Jones is demanding that parental authority be suspended and that moms and dads endorse and promote lifestyle choices by their children, up to and including body mutilating transgender surgeries.

Or they should be condemned as “abusers,” he said.

The institute report noted Jones’s claims that LGBT people have had “their lives damaged or frankly wrecked by their parents failing to affirm them.”

Jones, described by the institute as a 38-year-old activist, warned that, in his opinion, “‘Parents know what is best for their kids is not a universal rule. Some parents are child abusers – and that includes parents who don’t affirm LGBTQ+ kids.”

He continued, “When I see the people who have allowed their brains to be rotten by anti-trans hysteria, I constantly worry about whether they have trans kids because I’ve seen what happens when LGBTQ kids don’t have supportive parents. Every transphobe is a potential child abuser. The end.”

The report explained he also had no tolerance for those who say it is natural for parents to have a say in their child’s upbringing to protect them from harm.

“You’re not protecting your children if you refuse to affirm them, you are abusing them and imposing upon them trauma which they may never recover from,” he claimed.

The opinions might be reflective of Jones’ workplace, the report said.

“His accusations come as long-serving Guardian journalist Hadley Freeman shared that she had resigned over the newspaper’s stance on transgender issues, citing a culture of hostility towards anyone willing to speak out against radical gender ideology,” the institute said. “In recent years she had called for The Guardian to investigate controversial trans charity Mermaids over its treatment of children, but she said her efforts were ‘to no avail, either because of the editors’ ideological beliefs or — more likely — their fear of the reaction in the office.'”

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