Democratic campaign intern arrested after throwing chocolate milk at College Republicans

We have witnessed countless examples over the past few years of angry young leftists losing their cool when confronted with conservative ideas.

The latest such example came courtesy of a vitriolic Democrat woman who screeched about “Nazis” and threw her chocolate milk on a member of the College Republicans at Florida State University. She was arrested for battery following her outburst.

FSU student Shelby Shoup, 19, was caught on cell phone video verbally abusing a group of College Republicans in a profanity-laced tirade that included throwing her milk on one individual.

Shoup was an intern for the campaign of Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, and member of the anti-Israel FSU Students for Justice in Palestine group.

Watch below: (Caution: Profuse explicit language)

Nazis and fascists and Republicans, oh my!

Shoup accused the Republican students of supporting “Nazis” and “fascists,” but totally lost her cool when one of the Republicans pointed to the red hammer and sickle pin she was wearing and noted that she apparently supported communists.

She also couldn’t handle it when it was pointed out to her that “Nazis” were leftist socialists, as “Nazi” literally stands for National Socialists, but she focused in on the nationalistic part instead of the socialistic aspect.

At one point in her litany of excited “F-bomb” utterances, she threw the remainder of her bottle of chocolate milk at a top member of the College Republicans group, proceeded to angrily curse everyone out even more and then kick over a sign for Ron DeSantis — the Republican challenging Gillum — as she stormed away from the group.

The FSU College Republicans called it an “alarming display of the extremely charged political environment that has arisen in recent months and years.”
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FSU responds, Gillum does not

A short time after the incident occurred, Shoup was identified as the woman in the video, arrested and charged with battery.

Fox News reached out to the Gillum campaign with a request for comment on the behavior and subsequent arrest of the campaign intern, but did not receive a response.

Meanwhile, Florida State University released a statement regarding the incident via Twitter, which read: “FSU is a diverse community that values and respects each person. FSU expects each member of the community to embrace the values of civility and ethical conduct and obey the law. Regarding Tuesday’s incident, the individual was identified, arrested and charged with battery.”

Unsurprisingly, Shoup has now set up a GoFundMe account with the goal of raising $10,000 as she fights the “Nazi-led campaign” against her.

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