Left infuriated after Trump picks Jon Voight for National Medal of Arts

Over the years, the prestigious National Medal of Arts has been awarded to high-profile “artists” deemed worthy by the sitting President.

Previous recipient selections haven’t raised eyebrows … until President Donald Trump announced he was giving the award to actor Jon Voight. Other recipients include the musicians of the U.S. military, bluegrass fiddler and singer Alison Krauss, and champion of the arts Sharon Percy Rockefeller, according to a Sunday press release from the White House.

Liberals immediately condemned Trump’s selection of Voight in particular as “politically motivated” and “deeply troubling.”

Making the case for Voight

Voight has been acting since 1963, and is one of the most legendary names in Hollywood. Within his film and TV credits, he has some of the most memorable films and TV shows ever made.

For instance, Voight starred in “Gunsmoke” from 1966 through 1969. He also was one of the co-stars of “Deliverance,” a movie that still sends shivers down the spine of people when they remember some of those legendary scenes.

One of his most notable films was “Varsity Blues,” where he played the legendary Coach Kilmer. Voight has played a president, a senator, and a cabinet member throughout his career.

More recently, Voight starred in the hit series “Ray Donovan.” One could go on and on and listing his credits, but there is no need, as his three Academy Award nominations pretty much speak for themselves.

Left goes crazy

That laundry list of credits more than makes Jon Voight a worthy recipient of this award, the highest award from our government for someone in the arts.

However, Voight also happens to be a longtime Republican and open supporter of Donald Trump.  He regularly posts on social media and has no problem appearing on the talk-show circuit voicing his political beliefs.

Because of that, Voight is coming under fire for not only being awarded this honor but also for accepting it from Trump. A previous winner of the award, writer Tobias Wolff, asked, “What true artist would accept [the medal] from these hands?

Leftists are also furious that Donald Trump didn’t follow their conventions when choosing his honoree. Representatives of the National Council on the Arts huffed that “we all immediately recognized that not only were recommendations not followed, but the kind of diversity we had striven for in the past in the various [artistic] disciplines had not been followed.”

Another councilmember complained that “the traditional disciplines, such as dance, theater, or literature, weren’t represented in whatever capacity. And it clearly seems to be a political agenda by the president.”

While most presidents have followed certain conventions in naming the recipients of the award, Trump hasn’t, and the leftist elite is absolutely infuriated by the move.

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