Left celebrates death of billionaire conservative activist and philanthropist David Koch

Billionaire industrialist and noted philanthropist David Koch died on Friday at the age of 79, and his passing was mourned by most conservatives, independents, libertarians, and those who benefited from the massive sums Koch had personally donated to compassionate causes over the decades.

Unfortunately, the death of the socially liberal, yet fiscally conservative business magnate who helped fund the tea party and other groups opposing prominent Democrats such as failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was met with an outpouring of glee from the ideological left.

Leftists cheer David Koch’s death

The Daily Wire reported that, in addition to using a portion of his estimated $50.5 billion net worth to try and help shift the political landscape toward a more fiscally conservative, smaller government future, Koch also donated over a billion dollars to a wide range of charitable causes, including life-saving cancer research.

But it would appear that no amount of charitable giving on the part of Koch was enough to satiate the rabid far-left base of the Democratic Party, members of which seemingly viewed David and his brother Charles as being evil incarnate for their funding of political activism that didn’t align with their own progressive, big-government agenda.

Indeed, numerous leftist activists and liberal media figures were openly celebrating the news of Koch’s death on Friday, with some even expressing their hope that it would not be long before his surviving brother suffered a similar fate.

Bear in mind, these are the same people whose outrage would be palpable if anyone on the right were to happily anticipate or speculate about the illness or death of someone like Hillary Clinton or Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Charitable giving ignored

To be sure, David Koch was loved by his family and well-regarded by legions of conservatives, independents and libertarians who appreciated the financial assistance given by the Koch brothers in the ongoing fight against far-left progressivism.

But expressions of admiration for Koch and appreciation for his compassionate contributions to charitable causes was drowned out by the unmitigated hatred for the man who made his fortune as an industrialist and was therefore saddled with accusations that his diversified industrial enterprises contributed inordinately to climate change.

Indeed, Koch’s supposed destruction of the environment was a centerpiece of the vile commentary found on social media and elsewhere in the aftermath of his death.

Totally ignored were the countless lives saved through the substantial amounts of medical and scientific research funded by Koch, particularly in the area of cancer. Koch’s billions of dollars in charitable contributions were also channelled toward arts and cultural organizations, educational institutions and more.

Payback unlikely

One can only wonder what those same left-wing activists and liberal journalists will have to say when someone such as Clinton, or Ginsburg, or even leftist billionaire and philanthropist George Soros — arguably the progressive mirror-image of the Koch brothers when it comes to financing political activism — take their last breaths.

It is safe to say, however, that there will not likely be a similar post-mortem outpouring of hatred from the right, as most conservatives will either offer up compassion in a neutral statement or keep their mouths shut… something of which the left seems utterly incapable in this hyper-politicized environment of their own making.

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