Leftists join conservatives in pointing out Biden’s mental deterioration

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is losing it, and both sides of the aisle know it.

As the former vice president takes the lead in the primary, it’s becoming more apparent that his mental decline cannot be ignored. Even co-founder of far-left news organization The Young Turks Cenk Uygur protested the establishment’s support of Biden, saying that Biden is suffering from dementia and is unfit for office, according to the Washington Examiner.

Indeed, the Democratic National Committee’s choice to run Biden over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is already showing signs of irreparably splitting the party.

Leftists turning on Biden?

Cenk Uygur is well known for his leftist politics and is no friend of the right, but his progressive cohort shares the GOP’s dismay about Biden’s clear mental decline.

Uygur can see what most on the right have been pointing out for months: Joe Biden is not doing well.

He tweeted on Friday: “Joe Biden will DEFINITELY lose to Trump. He appears to have some sort of dementia! The monsters on TV are covering this up and then will turn around and talk about it on a loop during the general election. Guaranteed. We’re walking right off the cliff! #Dementia should trend now!”

The Young Turks co-founder is sounding the alarm ahead of time. Bernie Sanders is seen by many as the only candidate with real potential to put up a fight against President Trump, and the establishment has all but shut him out.

But with Sanders, Democrats could at least be confident that their candidate can competently debate President Trump.

A choice to make

The Democratic Party has an unenviable choice to make this election cycle.

They can pick the senator who is the most left-wing candidate to ever seriously run for president, alienating moderate Democrats. Alternatively, they can nominate a corrupt career politician who is far past his sell-by date.

Either one will be going up against the most formidable incumbent in recent memory.

President Trump has done a good job of building up the economy and ensuring he has the best position from which to wage his re-election campaign. Meanwhile, Democrats have completely botched their chance at taking Trump down thus far by knocking out every single young, interesting candidate the party had to offer.

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