Left launch horrific racist and threatening attacks against Justice Thomas over abortion rights reversal

The ideological left has absolutely abhorred Justice Clarence Thomas since he was first confirmed to the Supreme Court nearly three decades ago, but that unmitigated hatred has surged to an even more extreme level in the wake of the high court’s overturning of the Roe v. Wade precedent on abortion rights.

Now the floodgates have opened to unleash a torrent of blatantly racist, hostile, and openly threatening attacks on Thomas by Democrats and left-leaning celebrities, which in turn is amplified and highlighted by an allied mainstream media, Fox News reported.

Leftist venom unleashed against Thomas

William Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School, summed it up best when he told Fox News, “The mainstream liberal media hates Clarence Thomas. Water is wet, news at 11. The demonization of Thomas always has been bad, but has become even more pernicious in light of the Supreme Court’s abortion decision.”

“Thomas did not author the majority opinion, but has received much more focus and hate than Samuel Alito, who was the author. Thomas also has been the subject of racial slurs, including by the likes of actor Samuel L. Jackson, who referred to Thomas as ‘Uncle Clarence,'” the professor added. “This is a continuation of a decades-long liberal attack on Thomas that is highly radicalized.”

That racial slur from Jackson, cheered on by so many supposed anti-racists on the left, as well as many of the other verbal assaults launched against Justice Thomas, were centered on a concurring opinion he wrote that called into question several other Supreme Court precedents on unenumerated rights that were based on the same faulty judicial reasoning as Roe and suggested those prior cases deserve additional scrutiny in the future.

His concurrence spurred a wave of leftist fear-mongering over the apparent threat to such court-declared rights as contraception, interracial marriage, and same-sex marriage, to name just a few, and “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg‘s unhinged on-air rant against Thomas was emblematic of the reaction.

It is because he is black and conservative

None of this is new, though, as the Fox News article pointed out that Justice Thomas, as a black conservative, has faced ferocious attacks from the left even before he was nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court, with countless politicians and pundits hitting him with vile smears while openly wishing for his death, among other expressions of hatred and spite.

According to author Mark Paoletta, who recently wrote a book about Thomas, it is the fact that Thomas is a black conservative that irks the left the most, as Paoletta told Fox News, “The left believes you are required to hold certain views based on the color of your skin. They hate Thomas because he has never bowed to their demands,” and added, “They have tried to destroy him, tried to marginalize him, and thirty years later, he is not just standing strong, his influence is at its zenith. The left is really enraged they have not been able to make him bow.”

Similarly, media critic Joe Concha said the liberal media has sought to make Thomas a “boogeyman” but warned that the left’s strategy of incessant outrage has backfired and most Americans are now tuning them out, and said, “It’s easier to attack someone on a patently racist level the way Clarence Thomas has been attacked than to make adult and sober arguments on the merits of states’ rights and the Roe v. Wade decision in general, a decision that even Ruth Bader Ginsberg wasn’t a big fan of.”

“Haters are going to hate”

Fox News noted that it isn’t just celebrities and media pundits attacking Justice Thomas, though, as numerous current and former politicians and government officials have also done the same, including failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who attended Yale Law School at the same time as Thomas and recently described him as a person who has always been full of “resentment, grievance, anger” — apparently oblivious to her own reflection in the mirror.

“Justice Thomas in our new book says, ‘Among the liberal elite, they smile in your face, but they feel exactly the same way the guy feels with the ‘No Colored Allowed,'” Paoletta told the outlet. “The haters are going to hate. The racists are going to be racist. They don’t bother him. He does not care about them.”

Thomas may have thick skin and be capable of absorbing or shrugging off the viscerally hate-filled attacks against him — and his wife — but it is absolutely appalling and downright horrifying for his conservative fans and supporters to see.

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