Lee Radziwill, younger sister of former First lady Jackie Kennedy, dies at 85

The younger sister of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy has passed away.

Lee Radziwill died on Friday in New York City at the age of 85.

Fashion Icon

Jackie Kennedy changed the face of fashion in this country — but evidently, she got much of her fashion sense from her younger sister.

Born Caroline Lee Bouvier, Radziwill was one of the most famous names behind the Georgio Armani label.

Her legacy started as an interior designer, but as the years passed, Radziwill became better known as a public relations executive, brand ambassador, and special events coordinator for Armani.

Meanwhile, the fashion PR mogul left others mesmerized by her sophistication and elegance wherever she went.

“When I met her in the ’80s, I had the impression that she represented a very contemporary irony about American aristocracy, which is almost impossible to define,” Armani said of Radziwill. “It is one that combined ease and sophistication, spontaneity, and respect for the rules.”

Always Competitive

But Radziwill wasn’t just remembered professionally. In her personal life, while Lee and Jackie were very close, they were also very competitive with each other in all aspects of their lives, from who was going to get married first to who was more popular.

While Lee won the battle to get married first, the popularity contest was won by Jackie when she became the first lady of the United States.

Kennedy had the entire country in the palm of her hand, and even more so after the horrific assassination of her husband.

For some sisters, that would have driven a wedge between them, but it only seemed to make these sisters all the more close: Radziwill’s memoir pours affection over Kennedy on every page — a sentiment that would likely have been echoed if the former first lady was still around to spread the love.

Rest in peace, Lee. You will be missed.

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