Obama adviser rebukes Biden over comments on subpoenas for Jan. 6 rioters: ‘Leave this to the AG’

A one-time senior adviser to the Obama administration just subtlely rebuked President Joe Biden, BizPacReview reports.

David Axelrod’s comments came in a Friday evening tweet.

“Goes after them”

Axelrod attached to his Twitter post a link to a recent article from Axios titled: “DOJ should prosecute those who defy Jan. 6 subpoenas, Biden says.”

The article breaks down the latest developments out of the highly partisan House committee that is “investigating” unrest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. The members of that committee have called upon several Trump administration officials to testify, and they have threatened to hold those who fail to comply in criminal contempt.

Among those facing threats is Steve Bannon. The panel is set to hold a vote Tuesday on whether to hold him in contempt for failing to testify.

Asked whether he agrees with this approach, President Joe Biden said Friday that he hopes the panel “goes after” those who don’t comply with subpoenas.

“I hope that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable criminally,” Biden said. And according to Axioshe argued that the Department of Justice (DOJ) should prosecute them.

“Full stop”

It was after Biden made these comments that Axelrod put out the tweet suggesting that Biden ought to keep quiet about these matters. And it’s pretty easy to understand why.

As BizPacReview reports, a similar incident occurred in 2019 with then-President Donald Trump. At the time, Trump called for John Kerry, the man who is currently Biden’s climate czar, to be prosecuted for violating the Logan Act. Trump was blasted for the comment, with many arguing that it is unethical for a U.S. president to make such a remark.

The same outrage, of course, has not followed Biden’s comments. But according to The Washington Times, his DOJ did find it necessary to put out a statement, saying:

The Department of Justice will make its own independent decisions in all prosecutions based solely on the facts and the law. Period. Full stop.

We’ll see if Biden takes the hint from Axelrod and his DOJ. Regardless, Biden let his innermost desires slip this time around, and it made it clear that he wants his political opponents prosecuted to the fullest extent — even if they didn’t break any laws. That’s un-American, and it’s disgusting.

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