LA Times: Biden admin leaning ‘heavily’ on California for ‘inspiration’

President-elect Joe Biden’s plan for the country has just been unveiled — and conservatives aren’t going to like it.

The Los Angeles Times exposed the incoming president’s intentions in a headline over the weekend reading: “Make America California Again? That’s Biden’s plan.”

From California to the capital

The Times’ Evan Halper explained in his piece, published Sunday, that California is “suddenly center stage again in Washington’s policy area.”

“California is emerging as the de facto policy think tank of the Biden–Harris administration and of a Congress soon to be under Democratic control,” Halper writes.

Indeed, as Halper goes on to point out, California is very well represented among the nation’s top leaders for the year again. Longtime California lawmaker Kamala Harris (D) will be ascending to the vice presidency on Wednesday, and San Francisco’s own Nancy Pelosi (D) is still leading the House as speaker.

Even the House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, is a Californian.

What’s more, Biden’s Cabinet is filled with officials from the Golden State, including California Attorney General Zavier Becerra, who will head the Health and Human Services Department (HHS); Janet Yellen, a U.C. Berkley professor who will serve as Federal Reserve chair; Jennifer Granholm, another U.C. Berkley professor nominated for the role of Energy secretary; and Alejandro Mayorkas, who is set to lead Department of Homeland Security.

We’re in big trouble

Writing Sunday, Halper said “there is no place the incoming administration is leaning on more heavily for inspiration in setting a progressive policy agenda” than California.

“[Biden has] been pushing to nationalize some of the state’s pioneering efforts on climate action, workers’ rights, law enforcement and criminal justice, healthcare and economic empowerment since he was vice president in the Obama era,” the Times writer argued. “He continued to champion the cause while he and Harris were still rivals in the 2020 presidential race.”

Halper writes that “California’s influence will be felt in how Americans power their homes and cars, and even in how they save for retirement.”

It all amounts to bad news for Americans who don’t want to see their country fall from grace. As Fox News pointed out, families and businesses are leaving California in droves, the state’s leadership has grossly mishandled the coronavirus crisis, and Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is even facing a recall effort for his shoddy performance.

If the Times‘ article is correct and Biden really is looking to “Make America California Again,” then we’re all in big trouble.

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