Leaked text messages depict Hannity at ‘war’ with Fox over election, January 6

Leaked text messages given by former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows to the House January 6 committee show that Sean Hannity was “at war” with his network over its coverage of the 2020 presidential election and the January 6 Capitol breach.

In the messages, Hannity says he wrote an ad for the Trump campaign to run on Fox News Channel, but that it only aired once during his show even though the campaign reportedly paid $1 million to Fox to air it.

“I was screaming about no ads from Labor Day on. I made my own they never ran it. I’m not pointing fingers. I’m frustrated,” he said, although when reports about the ad were published in Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender’s book, Frankly, We Did Win This Election, Hannity denied writing an ad.

Hannity also backed criticism of then-Fox anchor Chris Wallace, who corrected a Trump official in early December for referring to Joe Biden as former vice president instead of the president-elect.

“At war”

“Doing this to try and get ratings will not work in the long run and I am doubtful it is even a short term winning strategy,” Meadows texted Hannity on Dec. 6, 2020, about Wallace’s correction.

“I’ve been at war with them all week,” Hannity responded. We will talk wen I see u. . . . if this doesn’t end the way we want, you me and Jay are doing 3 things together. 1- Directing legal strategies vs Biden 2- NC Real estate 3- Other business I talked to Rudy. Thx for helping him.”

The reference to Jay is probably to Jay Sekulow, a lawyer who worked on legal challenges to the election.

As it became clear that the challenges were not going to result in Trump staying in office, Hannity also advised Meadows to talk to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott about working for the network after Trump left office.

Twisted words

Of course, CNN tried to twist Hannity’s words around to make it look like there was some sort of improper relationship going on (there wasn’t), but there’s a larger point to consider.

Why should any Republican comply with congressional subpoenas to turn over documents when they all end up leaked to CNN, who then twists them to try to make Republicans look shady?

Meadows tried to cooperate with the January 6 committee and initially turned over thousands of documents and texts, but he quickly figured out that they were just using him to get dirt on Trump and has since clammed up.

Can anyone blame Trump for fighting tooth and nail to keep his private communications private when Democrats operate like this?

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