Leaked Pentagon docs reveal internal concerns that China could invade Taiwan without U.S.'s knowledge

April 17, 2023
Robert Ayers

U.S. intelligence officials are concerned that China could invade Taiwan before the United States would have any indicator that the invasion is occurring. 

According to the Washington Postthis is the latest bombshell from the leaked classified Pentagon documents.

If true, what this goes to show is just how far the U.S. military has fallen under the administration of President Joe Biden.

The Post's report would suggest that while the U.S. military, under Biden's watch, is pursuing a number of woke policy initiatives, other militaries - particularly the militaries of America's enemies - are pulling ahead. And, that's bad news, to say the least.

"A huge challenge"

The report published by the Post, which is based on leaked classified Pentagon documents that it has reviewed, is titled, Taiwan highly vulnerable to Chinese air attack, leaked documents show.

The documents reviewed by the Post were, apparently, briefing materials that were given to the Joint Chiefs of Staff back in February and March. The documents, in particular, call attention to China's increased aggression toward Taiwan.

According to the Post's report, China's military activity in and around Taiwan has escalated to such an extent that it is "eroding" the ability of U.S. intelligence to differentiate between military drills and actual military operations.

The leaked documents state that if China's military drills turn out to be preparations for "an attack on Taiwan," then there is nothing that the United States would be able to do to stop that invasion.

The Post quotes Joel Wuthnow, a senior research fellow at National Defense University, as saying:

You need to have a fairly high level of confidence that you’re facing use of force and also time to make critical political decisions if you’re the United States. If you have ambiguities or doubts as well as a compressed timeline, it could potentially complicate your ability to mobilize your own forces, which is a huge challenge.


The classified Pentagon documents reviewed by the Post are the latest of a series of leaks that have been made on social media.

The government has identified 21-year-old Jack Teixeira of the Massachusetts Air National Guard as the source of the leaks. Teixeira has been arrested and has already made his first court appearance. A detention hearing will take place on Wednesday.

The leaked documents touch upon a wide range of subjects, including the Ukraine-Russia war, the Chinese spy balloon situation, and more.

The Biden administration claims that the leaks have not compromised America in any way. But, what the documents have revealed, at the very least, is that the Biden administration has not been upfront with the American people on a number of important issues, such as the Ukraine-Russia war.

Biden, since Teixeira's arrest, has directed U.S. military and intelligence "to take steps to further secure and limit distribution of sensitive information."

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