Leading school psychologist part of group offering to ‘re-home’ LGBT kids

One of the top school psychologists in the country, part of the National Association of School Psychologists’ special committee for LGBT youth, has participated in internal discussions held by the Pride Liberation Project, which offers to “re-home” LGBT kids who want to leave their parents and even suggests “false documentation” to conceal their whereabouts.

The Daily Wire documents that Amy Cannava, who chairs the NASP’s “LGBTQI2-S Committee,” “is participating” in the PLP organization, which openly advises “students who are facing familial rejection or need to leave their home for another reason” to contact her.

The report explained how the PLP site continued with instructions for re-homing “students who did not like their parents, as well as paying them money and having an adult pick them up to take them to their new lives. It also said the group could provide false documentation to hide children’s whereabouts while they participated in gay activities.”

The report noted that the organization was in the headlines just weeks ago when it claimed it persuaded 12,000 students to skip school to protest a plan in Virginia to protect parents from educators who would conceal agendas their children were being subjected to through LGBT influences.

The day of that protest, the Daily Wire confirmed, was when the NASP published a post by Cannava outlining her efforts to undermine the state plan.

“This generation of youth is more politically informed and aware than I can wrap my head around. These kids know their basic human rights have been challenged by the state department of education, and even worse, the state has used fancy words which make the policy reversal seem like it’s in the best interest of ‘all’ children and families,” she claimed.

She insisted that staff members ignore the state’s requirements and that school officials protect those who do.

Cannava, a counselor at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, explained to The Daily Wire she would not comment, as “School staff is not at liberty to speak to the press.”

But the publication noted she’s often spoken out, including in a podcast from 2020 when she said, “There comes a point unfortunately for many of these kids where they have to make a choice between their life and their family. And it shouldn’t be that way, but I want to see a kid in a home with food and shelter and insurance and support, but I also don’t want to lose kids to death.”

She also boasted of putting “parents in their place.”

“You have to sometimes break rules to do good for kids,” she added.

She also bragged about evading rules that require parental permission at times, The Daily Wire said.

“I recognize that parental consent is a big deal, but when I’m doing anything LGBT, I don’t worry about that. … Let’s be honest, it’s an electronic permission slip. You type in a parent’s name and I’m like ‘oh that parent signed consent.’ There’s no actual signature.”

The PLP site had referred students insisting on being “re-homed” to a group called Safe Space NOVA, but a spokesman there, Jordan Costen-Sumpter, said his organization has no role in such activities.

The report noted that NASP handles the credentialing of school psychologists for many school districts, and spokeswoman Katherine Cowan said the group does not “condone efforts to provide monetary or housing support to minors who are in safe home environments.”

Conflicts that erupt from the discord between parents seeking to guide and protect their children and LGBT agenda-driven activists could end up in court. Department of Education spokesman Charles Pyle told the Daily Wire that parents and custodians can petition to review school board actions.

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