GOP House leader predicts Nancy Pelosi will lose speaker’s gavel over impeachment

Early Thursday morning, the House voted to approve rules for the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

The resolution passed virtually along party lines, but while her party may have won the vote, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) believes that the ill-conceived resolution will be the undoing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Pelosi Defeat Looms

The problem, as Rep. McCarthy sees it, is that Pelosi has bowed to the extremists in her own party. This impeachment has not been pushed by most of the mainline House Democrats.

Even though the inquiry vote went down along party lines, with only two Democrats crossing over, most believe an actual impeachment vote would be much more difficult for Democrats to win.

There are dozens of Democrats on the record as stating they absolutely back the inquiry, but they would be far more hesitant to vote for articles of impeachment against the president.

Many of those Democrats live in moderate districts, with both liberal and conservative constituents, so they have to worry about appeasing both sides of the aisle.

Reclaiming the House

Republicans have pressured Democrats to hold this vote so they could get everyone on the record as to where they stand. Numerous representatives in both parties abstained from voting.

Right now, Republicans only need to win 19 votes to bring the House back to Republican control, something McCarthy believes is very doable now that the inquiry vote has happened.

He stated, “It only takes 19 seats to win the majority. They have 31 Democrats sitting in seats that President Trump carried. And we’re going to carry those again.”

“But what’s more important here, watch the Democrats as they now approve of impeachment every time they get a primary opponent.”

If Republicans do win those seats, Pelosi will be removed as the speaker of the House, and the Democrat party will be in shambles. Additionally, it is worth noting that now that the impeachment effort is officially underway, expect to see a slew of videos to resurface of Democrats protesting impeachment when Bill Clinton was president.

Some very notable members of Congress were very critical about tactics used during that impeachment that are now conveniently being used by Democrats.

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