‘Sex slave’: Lawsuit details brutal rape allegations against ex-Fox News anchor Ed Henry

Earlier this month, Fox News anchor Ed Henry was fired in response to accusations of sexual misconduct that had been made against him.

His accuser, Jennifer Eckhart, filed a lawsuit on Monday that included her harrowing account of allegedly being manipulated and brutally raped by Henry.

“Sadistic acts”

The latest development is just the latest in a string of similar claims regarding prominent personalities and executives at the cable news network.

Eckhart claims Henry “performed sadistic acts on her without her consent that left her injured, bruised and battered with bloody wrists,” according to reports. She described her relationship with the newscaster as being his “sex slave.”

According to her complaint, Henry raped her at the office and in a room at the nearby hotel where Fox News provides accommodations for visiting contributors.

She went on to assert that the harassment began as flirtation but turned ugly as she began to believe that turning down his advances would lead to her losing her job at the network.

As if Eckhart’s suit were not enough, journalist Cathy Areu has also come forward with allegations against a total of five current and former Fox News employees — including Henry.

Another claim

She claims she was harassed by every man in the group, which also included Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Howard Kurtz, and Gianno Caldwell.

Areu was a regular contributor on Carlson’s program until 2018, claiming that her diminished role on the show was revenge for her refusal to have sex with the host. Her complaint included graphic depictions of Henry’s alleged harassment and, to a lesser degree, the behavior of the four other personalities.

Henry took a leave from his Fox News position in 2016 following revelations about his longtime affair with a Las Vegas hostess.

In a statement, a Fox News representative said that the company had investigated Areu’s claims through an outside firm and found every claim she made to be “false.” The network denies knowing about Eckhart’s claims against Henry, but faces a claim of sex trafficking in connection with her allegations.

It remains to be seen whether the latest allegations will have a lasting impact on the channel’s popularity, but Fox News has remained at the top of the ratings charts throughout a number of similar scandals in recent years.

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