Lawsuit accuses DOJ of hiding details about Bidens’ foreign deals

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

That the Biden family made more than a few questionable deals with America’s enemies, such as Russia and China, remains in doubt now for only a few.

That was a key topic that the FBI wanted to conceal from the American public when it told social media companies to suppress accurate reporting on details from a laptop that Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop just before the 2020 election.

Evidence shows the deals, worth millions, involved, among others, a Chinese company with links to the Chinese Communist Party and the wife of a former mayor in a major Russian city.

Further, there already was evidence about Hunter Biden’s dealings with the Ukrainian company Burisma, for which he served on the board of directors despite having no experience in the gas industry.

Joe Biden even went to Ukraine and, because a prosecutor there was investigating for corruption the company paying his son, threatened to withhold American help if the prosecutor wasn’t fired.

He was, and Joe Biden boasted about it.

Now, a report at American Greatness reveals there is a lawsuit over the Department of Justice still concealing records of “Biden family payoffs with China and Russia.”

The lawsuit charges the DOJ is holding back at least 400 pages worth of documents that reveal the extent of the Biden family’s business deals with foreign companies in China and Russia.

The report noted that Colorado lawyer Kevin Evans filed a lawsuit with the DOJ after he claimed the department refused to cooperate in a Freedom of Information Act case.

Evans had asked for any documents related to “any relationship, communication, gift(s), and/or remuneration in any form between the president’s son Hunter or brother Jim, and China, Russia or Ukraine.”

The report noted that subsequently, the government admitted in court it has the 400 pages, but they later backtracked and said they could neither deny nor confirm those records.

“Evans said that he first filed his FOIA request in November of 2020, shortly after he first read about the numerous alleged business deals that the Bidens had with foreign companies. He claims that the Biden administration has stonewalled his efforts for nearly two years, which led to his lawsuit,” American Greatness reported.

He said, in the report, “They eventually produced about 60 pages of documents, but they’re all letters from senators and congressmen asking about Hunter, and letters from DoJ back. Then towards the end of last year, they said, ‘well we have these 400 pages of potentially responsive documents, we need to review them.'”

The report cited the problems with the Biden family business dealings.

“The Biden family’s foreign business dealings have already been well-documented, despite the Biden administration’s efforts to cover them up. The most infamous example is Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, working for a shady Ukrainian energy company called Burisma Holdings, despite having no experience in energy. When the company came under investigation for corruption by Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin, then-Vice President Joe Biden pressured then-President Petro Poroshenko into firing Shokin, or else Biden would withhold $1 billion in American aid to Ukraine. Shokin was ultimately fired, and Biden went on to publicly brag about his successful efforts to strongarm the Ukrainian government.”

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