Lawmakers considering censorship of PRAYERS!

 January 13, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Christian Institute in the United Kingdom is reiterating its promise to go to court against the Scottish government if lawmakers there continue with their agenda of religious censorship through a ban on "so-called conversion therapy."

"We are particularly worried about the government’s plans for ‘civil protection orders’. The courts could impose draconian limits on the free speech of individuals based purely on activists’ speculation about what they might say to gay or trans people," explained Simon Calvert, the organization's deputy director for public affairs.

He warned as the the SNP/Green coalition publishes its consultation on the plans, the threat to freedom of speech becomes clear. It even could criminalize the conversations and opinions of parents and church leaders.

The Institute reported on the problem: "The Scottish government wants to outlaw 'practices' that seek to change, suppress or inhibit someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Activists are campaigning for this to cover 'casual conversations,' 'gentle, non-coercive prayer,' and even 'depending on your parents' 'consent'' to change gender."

The same fight has been building across the United States, too, with multiple demands by LGBT activists that comments, discussions and even prayer be censored if they address the scientific fact that people with unwanted same-sex attractions can be counseled to deal with them.

The agenda demands that counseling can be only one way: toward encouraging LGBT lifestyle choices. In the U.S., the fight has not yet gotten to the level of the Supreme Court.

Calvert explained about the Scottish fight, "We will be encouraging Christians to respond to the consultation and instructing a KC to look at the detail of the proposals. Our solicitors wrote to the government preparing the ground for judicial review in February 2022. If Parliament passes a law that tramples on basic freedom of speech and religion we are ready to go to court."

The report noted Jayne Ozanne is one of the campaigners who are insisting on censoring others' speech and even prayers. She contends even "gentle, non-coercive prayer" be banned.

Calvert said, "Gay and trans people are already protected, quite rightly, from verbal and physical abuse by existing law. Since those things are already illegal, what is it that this Bill seeks to criminalize? The activists are quite clear that they want it to target conversations and opinions they don’t like."

Leftists working on the LGBT campaign are demanding laws that are modeled on the anti-speech provisions now used in Victoria, Australia.

There, official guidance demands that "parents refusing to consent to their children going on puberty blockers are committing unlawful conversion therapy."

Calvert noted parents there are "now living in terror of being prosecuted for trying to protect their children from irreversible medical treatment."

He explained, "In a legal opinion we commissioned in 2022, top KC Aidan O’Neill warned the Scottish government that it will be exceeding its legislative powers if it pursues the Expert Advisory Group’s proposals. He also confirmed that such a far-reaching ban would criminalize innocent parents and preachers."

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