Lawmaker who yelled racial slur, exposed himself on cable TV will resign

The hammer has finally fallen on disgraced Republican state Rep. Jason Spencer from Georgia.

Spencer, who literally exposed his butt on national TV, has finally agreed to resign his position.

Disgraceful Showing

Rep. Spencer is one of many politicians to get caught in Sacha Baron Cohen’s web.

The comedian/actor has become famous for putting on disguises to deceive public figures, usually in the hopes of embarrassing them.

Cohen posed as an ex-Israeli military officer.

He was somehow able to convince Spencer of some rather unique anti-terrorist techniques.

Cohen begins to coach Spencer on how to stop a kidnapping and how to intimidate a terrorist.

Spencer then proceeds to yell out the “N” word loudly to “draw attention”.

To intimidate terrorists, he drops his pants, bears his butt, and tries to scare away the potential terrorist by telling him he will become a homosexual if his butt touches him.

It is so idiotic, you have to see it for yourself to believe it:

Prank Gone Bad

It is unclear whether Spencer knew he was being pranked and was playing along or was stupid enough to fall for Cohen’s trap.

Regardless, his behavior was reprehensible, and his fellow politicos immediately called for his resignation.

Initially, Spencer apologized, but refused to resign.

Now, after having lost his primary, Spencer has agreed to step down.

The damage is done, though.

The political climate being what it is, liberals are using this man as the example for every conservative to suit their narrative all conservatives are racists.

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Sorry to ruin their party, though, but conservatives are just as happy to see Spencer get his walking papers as liberals.

Unlike liberals, we have no problem condemning disgusting behavior such as this within our own party.

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