Lawmaker proposes impeaching Trump prosecutor Fani Willis

 January 26, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A Georgia prosecutor who has been revealed as having been in scandal after scandal after scandal following her creation of an “organization crime” case against President Donald Trump and others for their statements about the 2020 presidential election now is facing a potential impeachment.

A report in the New York Post explains state Rep. Charlice Byrd charges Willis is using her official position “not for justice but for political gain” in her war on Trump and others.

The full Georgia Senate also approved a committee to investigate her for potential wrongdoing, at least partly because of her alleged relationship with a special prosecutor she appointed to handle the Trump case, and to which she authorized more than $600,000 in payments.

That prosecutor then allegedly used some of that money to take Willis on exotic vacations.

Byrd’s charges include that Willis violated the First Amendment by tracking down and indicting a list of conservatives for their viewpoints about the 2020 results.

The report explained Byrd diagnosed Willis with “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” a malady common to Democrats who are so enraged by Trump’s ideals and goals, to Make America Great Again, that they lose their perspective about anything Trump-related.

And Byrd cited Willis’ possible conflict of interest for the alleged relationship with Nathan Wade, who is in the process of a divorce, a case for which Willis has been subpoenaed to answer questions.

Byrd also ripped Willis for a potential conflict of interest in light of her alleged relationship with Nathan Wade, who stands accused of using the funds the county paid him to take Willis on luxury romantic leisure trips, the report said.

"Fani Willis has a laundry list of potential conflicts that make her unworthy and unfit to be the District Attorney in Fulton County,” Byrd said. “Someone elected to that office is expected to uphold the law and not weaponize their office for political gain. Since day one when she was elected, Fani Willis has embarrassed the criminal justice system in Fulton County and our state.”

BizPacReview reports the legislation cites the allegations against Willis, “if proven true,” would “bring her and her office into disrepute.”

And, it would “undermine” the public’s confidence in the prosecutor’s office.

The committee to investigate Willis is expected to have full subpoena power.

Trump has said the prosecution should be dropped over Willis’ corruption.

”Her boyfriend/lover went to the White House on numerous occasions in order to coordinate their ‘Hunt for Trump,’ and charged large fees in doing so. I did nothing wrong and, to the best of my knowledge, neither did anyone else. This case must be dropped with apologies being made to all of those who were so unfairly treated!” Trump said.

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