Lawmaker has heart attack 'seconds after saying Israel would suffer wrath of Allah'

 December 12, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A Turkish lawmaker who was threatening Israel with the "wrath of Allah" during a speech in that nation's General Assembly Hall in Ankara suddenly collapsed to the floor with a heart attack, according to reports.

A report from the Yeshiva World said the speaker was Hasan Bitmez.

He said, on the assembly floor, "We can perhaps hide from our conscience but not from history."

Then he warned, "Israel will suffer the wrath of Allah," and within a few seconds, collapsed to the floor.

Reports from Turkey explained he underwent CPR and was rushed to a hospital, where he was reported to be in critical condition.

According to the Daily Mail, Hasan is 53.

That report said, "At that moment, he stumbled and dropped to his knees before lying flat on his back. The Saadet Party Kocaeli deputy had to be stretchered out of the hall after receiving chest compressions 'for a long time', Turkish media reports. Turhan Çömez, a deputy from the Kemalist İYİ Party and a trained doctor, was reportedly the first to help his political rival."

Turkey's health minister, Fahrettin Koca, said later that Bitmez was undergoing treatment in the ICU.

He was elected only a few months ago.

While Turkey and Israel reached an accord on relations in 2022, the association has been filled with obstacles ever since the terrorists of Hamas launched their brutal butchery of Israeli citizens on Oct. 7, when they killed some 1,400.

Turkey's population is about 99% Muslim.

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