Laura Ingraham’s audience has increased by 20 percent since David Hogg attacked her

When Laura Ingraham called out Parkland high school shooting survivor David Hogg for whining about college applications, liberals were uphauled.

However, she has seemingly become a conservative hero, because Ingraham’s viewership since the Hogg incident has reportedly gone up by 20 percent.

The Tweet

Hogg has become something of a celebrity since the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting.

Liberals have jumped all over the opportunity.

It did not take long for the powers that be to convince Hogg to be the new face of the anti-gun movement.

Hogg has been relishing in this, using his platform not just for the movement, but also to apparently put pressure on or embarrass colleges that declined his college application.

After whining about four declination letters from schools, Ingraham called him out.

She more or less gave him a wakeup call about life, stating his situation was “totally predictable given acceptance rates.”

The Aftermath

Ingraham had no sooner sent out the tweet when Hogg started to shed crocodile tears.

Surprisingly, Ingraham sent out an apology, but it was refused to Hogg.

After he dried his eyes, he took to social media to get advertisers to pull their ads from her show.

Today’s progressive world being what it is, several liberal groups jumped on the bandwagon to put pressure on advertisers.

Within days, advertisers had their ads pulled from her show.

Conservative Support

While liberals stomped their feet, conservatives have turned out in droves to support Ingraham.

After a scheduled vacation, Ingraham returned this week to a significant ratings increase.

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Ingraham sent out a quick “Thank You” to her viewers after the numbers came in.

With this much support, there will surely be more advertisers flocking to Ingraham to fill the void left by the liberal crybabies.

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