Laura Ingraham tells Biden to release tape of special counsel interview

 February 15, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The fallout from the report by special counsel Robert Hur on Joe Biden's decision to willfully take and keep classified government documents in unsecured locations like his private office, home, and even garage continues.

Hur concluded there was lots of evidence that Biden did mishandle government documents, but he wasn't recommending charges because a jury likely would perceive Biden as an elderly man (81) who had diminished mental capacity.

In support, he cited Biden's inability to identify when he was vice president and when his son, Beau, died.

To which Biden lashed out angrily, challenging why Hur even would ask THAT question.

According to a report from Laura Ingraham, Hur didn't. It was Biden who brought that up, and then couldn't remember.

Fox reported Ingraham aimed "rescue" efforts to save Biden's campaign.

"Sources are telling NBC News that it was Biden himself who raised his son's death when trying to recall when he discovered classified docs at the rental home. Well, Biden brought up the timing of Beau's death, then he couldn't recall the year. The first lady even sent out a fundraising appeal decrying the use of their son's death to score political points," she explained.

"Now this is all absurd. Either Biden forgot the details of his interview with the special prosecutor, or he is being purposely deceptive in trying to make money off of a craven, false storyline. Whatever the truth, the old dog can't learn new tricks and won't answer for anything."

She said, "There's an audiotape of the special prosecutor interview, we understand. Release it, Mr. President, as Trump released his Ukraine call when questions arose about that. But Biden doesn't answer real questions because he literally can't. He makes none of the major decisions, not about Ukraine, not about China, not about the border, not about the economy.

"The entire white House is run by some, I don't know, some amalgam of Jill Biden, a few key staffers, and, of course, the campaign. Of course, one way to alleviate the concerns about Biden's mental condition would be for him to just submit to a basic cognitive test. But the White House, they already nixed that to shift the narrative away from Biden's feeble condition."

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