Laura Ingraham says Google claims to be offended by Trump – but works with China

Fox News personality Laura Ingraham has heard about all she can take from Google.

Ingraham pointed out that, while feigning outrage over the Trump presidency, Google continues to work with China on censorship programming.


Early last week, Fox’s Tucker Carlson unveiled an email his team found from a Google executive.

The email detailed how Google specifically worked to encourage Latino voter turnout.

Luckily, the tactic backfired and Trump received almost 30 percent of the Latino vote.

However, the email made it very clear the company did this in the hopes of boosting votes for Hillary Clinton.

Now, Ingraham is blowing Google out of the water by revealing exactly what they are doing with China.

The Chinese government wants to ban certain content from the internet it does not want its citizens to see.

“Translation: Google is helping China silence its political opposition,” Ingraham stated.

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Trump is Winning

Ingraham was dead-on when she said powerful liberals in this country are just upset Trump is actually delivering on his promises.

Google has actually benefitted from the prosperity, yet company leadership continues to throw stones at the president.

The bottom line is they are just unhappy it is not one of their people at the helm making all this happen.

It was widely believed the market was going to crash if Hillary Clinton had won the election.

With Trump in office, stock prices have continued to soar while unemployment has continued to shrink.

Liberals, however, are so focused on hurting Trump they refuse to enjoy their own prosperity.

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