Laura Ingraham: Nancy Pelosi looks like she’s physically rejecting impeachment

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appears to be suffering under the pressure of the impeachment inquiry. With shocking announcements about plunging support for President Donald Trump’s ouster, Pelosi’s time as House majority leader could be coming to an end.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham recently offered her diagnosis of Pelosi’s status, saying that “at times, in the last few weeks, even the last month, she [has] looked like her body was actually rejecting impeachment like a bad organ transplant,” Fox reported.

Critical diagnosis

Nancy Pelosi is under immense pressure from radical leftists who want to push impeachment further, from moderate Democrats in the House who are fearing for their seats, and from Republicans who are tired of the witch hunt.

Pelosi is looking worn down both physically and mentally from being pulled in so many different directions. After all, it was she who rejected impeachment for so long.

“By getting sucked into impeachment…against her better judgment, Nancy Pelosi [has] walked away from common sense,” Ingraham said.

Pelosi knew better; she had been pushing back against the more radical actors in her party who demanded impeachment. But she eventually caved, knowing the consequences.

Democrats are now staring down the barrel of a shotgun — their impeachment inquiry is costing them. Swing states are increasingly pushing back against impeachment and the voters there are tired of the Democrats — and it’s clearly taking a toll on Pelosi.

“Pelosi’s future is suddenly not looking so bright. Polls show the lowest support ever for impeaching this president — and the swing-state outlook polls are horrendous for the Democrats on that same issue,” Ingraham pointed out.

Republicans ready to strike

The Republican Party has taken notice of this shift in public opinion and is ready to move. The momentum will be on their side in 2020, unlike in 2018 when Democrats took the House.

Nancy Pelosi, like U.K.’s Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, could experience an epic and unprecedented defeat come next year. House Democrats have been exposed as purely political actors without a care for the will of the people. The only thing that matters to them is impeaching the president who dared oppose their agenda.

The people who elected Trump in 2016 may have stayed home in 2018, but they will be out in force to strike back at those responsible for the impeachment inquiry.

If that is indeed what happens in 2020, Nancy Pelosi will only have herself to blame for letting the radical elements of the Democratic Party run wild.

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