Laura Ingraham: Dems are targeting Barr with ‘same old sleazy tactics’ used against Kavanaugh

Fox News star Laura Ingraham has been quite critical of President Donald Trump recently, but that has not stopped her from sticking up for Attorney General William Barr, who is being targeted by frustrated Democrats in the wake of the Mueller report release.

“When the Democrats cannot win on the merits, what do they do? They want to end the debate — go right for the jugular,” said Ingraham. Now they’re engaging in “their same old sleazy tactics” in an effort to get Barr fired.

It’s “disgusting,” “incredibly nasty,” and “patently unfair,” and it’s the very same thing they tried with now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh last fall, she noted. Kavanaugh ultimately won in the end.

“The Democrats crashed and burned on Kavanaugh,” Ingraham said.

Watch below:

Losing Battles

Democrats have been doing nothing but losing for most of the last two years. The biggest loss of all, of course, was Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats attacked Trump from every angle but failed. They started calling for Trump to resign within days of Trump taking office over alleged Russian collusion.

Then, when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for Supreme Court Justice, they went after him, hitting the esteemed judge with bogus allegations of sexual misconduct and once again demanding his resignation.

Now, they are doing the same thing to Barr.

Create some noise, then loudly demand his resignation.

You seeing the pattern here?

“If Democrats today focused more on improving the lives of everyday Americans … maybe they would have more to show for their first 100 days of House rule than ridiculous subpoenas and character assassinations. I’m betting tonight that Americans prefer substance and poise over stunts and noise,” Ingraham concluded. We’d have to agree.

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