Laura Ingraham accuses Democrats of ‘self-sabotage’

Election Day 2020 will be here before you know it and according to Laura Ingraham, it’s the end for many prominent Democrats due to their obsession with all things Trump.

Rather than actually pushing policy, “far too many of our Democrat friends have kind of driven off the deep end,” stated Ingraham.

Worrying About the Wrong Things

Right after the 2016 election, Dems seemed more focused than ever on the 2020 election.

Every talking head in the party tried to get voters focused on kicking Trump out of office by pushing very specific agenda issues.

That lasted all of about 10 minutes.

Today, the only thing Democrats and liberal pundits talk about is the Trump administration.

They talk about what Trump is doing, not issues.

They talk about members of his administration and how they are going to take them out, not issues.

“Impeach Trump.”

“Throw Barr in jail.”

These are the soundbites we get virtually every day from liberals and Democrats.

Time Flies

We are about 18 months away from our next election, and voters right now have no idea what any of the presidential candidates on the left are offering them.

Democrat candidates get in front of supporters and sit around and whine with them rather than actually generating interest of neutral voters.

If I am a moderate Democrat, I don’t want to hear you whine about Trump holding an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

What I want to hear is how you plan on not screwing up a thriving economy and your immigration solutions.

Ingraham is dead on because Democrats are clearly self-sabotaging their campaigns and the entire party.

I just wish she never would have brought it up because the longer they do this, the better Trump’s chances get of winning 2020.

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