Fox News’ Laura Ingraham blasts Dems for attacks against Trump

From the moment news of the first mass shooting this past weekend broke, the liberal media and Democrats have been all over Trump, attacking him relentlessly.

In the eyes of many people, including Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, the only thing that will make them happy is Trump resigning.

Act Presidential

While Trump has hammered people on Twitter and has not been afraid to offend anyone when the situation calls for it, he has also stepped up when needed.

During every crisis during this administration, Trump has acted presidential. Can anyone forget the somber look on Trump’s face when he met our fallen soldiers at the airport? How about the efforts made by Trump when he visited areas that had been impacted by the devastating hurricanes?

Now, in the wake of outright fury against him, Trump went to both El Paso and Dayton to console the victims and/or their families. Additionally, he delivered remarks that were exactly what the country needed to hear.

Yet, it still was not enough for Democrats.

Backing Trump

For days now, conservative publications have been battling liberals with facts to support the job Trump has done and continues to do.

A Breitbart journalist even confronted Joe Biden with the fact he has been cherry-picking quotes from Trump and completely misleading voters as to what Trump really said.

When Biden lost it at the journalist, the liberal media treated it as a victory for Biden rather than exposing him as a liar.

To all of this, Ingraham responded, “Trump can never do enough to appease the Resistance. They want him gone. Nothing short of Trump resigning and admitting to being a wild-eyed bigot is ever going to satisfy them.”

Sadly, she is right. The left is angry that they lost the election in 2016 to an outsider and they will continue to do everything they can to take him out. Thankfully, many Americans are beginning to see through this, and Trump’s support is growing.

Ironically, Democrat efforts to remove Trump from office may very well keep him there for another four years.

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