Laura Bush publicly thanks Melania Trump for reaching out after her father-in-law’s death

Death has a funny way of bringing unlikely foes together.

In this case, it was a kind gesture by Melania Trump that has apparently started the mending of the fences between the Trumps and the Bush family.

Reaching Out

It is no secret that there has been more than a bit of animosity between the Trump and Bush families.

This all started during the 2016 campaign season when Trump went on an all-out assault against Jeb Bush, former President George W. Bush’s brother and the late Bush 41’s son.

Jeb was considered to be one of the three most likely to give Trump a run for his money in 2016 alongside Sens. Marco Rubio (FL) and Ted Cruz (TX).

The problem, though, was that “Jeb!” had all the Republican elite money behind him, so Trump had to go after him first.

Jeb Bush was not innocent in all of this, as he and his family threw more than a few jabs at Trump.

They gave as good as they got, but former first son came out on the short side of things and was dispatched fairly early in the election process.

When the primary season was over, there was no kissing and making up, though, as usually happens.

The former presidents and presidential candidate refused to endorse the candidate from their own party and refrained from voting for him.

Additionally, since the election, George W. Bush has made several statements criticizing Trump.

But Melania Trump apparently wanted to put that all behind everyone by inviting Laura Bush and her family to come back to the White House to say hello to staff as well as personally see this year’s Christmas display while they were in Washington for George H.W. Bush’s funeral.

Moving Forward

The public thank-you from Laura Bush will go a long way to making some peace between these two families in a dispute has become the modern-day equivalent to the Hatfields and McCoys.

The former first lady even made a post on Instagram with a picture of her family at the White House, stating: “Thanks to Mrs. Trump for inviting our family to the White House to see Christmas decorations and our old friends, the residence staff.”

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Some of the pictures taken over the last few days show a much friendlier attitude between all parties, though Jeb was noticeably absent.

Perhaps that fence needs a bit more mending before Jeb is willing to come back into the fold.

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