Latest 'trans' disorder has people intentionally disabling themselves

May 1, 2023
Vanesa Belen

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

There are some noted cases where women – white women – have identified as minorities. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's identity as a Native American is an example.

Then there are those who call themselves transgender – even though their actual gender never changes.

There's even the Indiana Republican who jokingly called himself a "lesbian woman of color."

And now a trend is resurfacing in news reports of something on which WND has reported for years – those who call themselves transabled.

They aren't disabled, but pretend they are. Or have surgeries to actually acquire a disability.

It is Fox News that has reported on those with "body integrity identity disorder."

The report explains, "The point of 'changing the identifier' from a psychiatric condition (BIID) to an advocacy term (transableism) is to 'harness the stunning cultural power of gender ideology' to the cause of allowing doctors to 'treat' BIID patients by 'amputating healthy limbs, snipping spinal cords or destroying eyesight,' according to Evolution News and Science Today (EN), which reports on and analyzes evolution, neuroscience, bioethics, intelligent design and other science-related issues."

The report explained some of those involved in the ideology "mutilate themselves," while other ask surgeons to amputate a limb. In transgenderism, already a key agenda point for Joe Biden, advocates encourage the amputation of strategic body parts in a patient's attempt to "change" genders.

The National Institutes of Health confirms the transabled are people who "desire the amputation of one or more healthy limbs or desire a paralysis."

Those who are disabled are offended, and a 24-year-old student told Fox, "It’s embarrassing, and I don’t know if you can be considered a serious human being if you alter your body like this, instead of getting the appropriate mental help you need."

In rare extreme cases, people actually try to blind themselves in order to be disabled.

Jane Orient, an internist and chief of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, said, in the report, "In my opinion, both transgender and transabled persons suffer from a delusional disorder. The Oath of Hippocrates adjures physicians to do no harm. Mutilating the body is an objective harm even if makes the patient subjectively feel better."

A few years ago, the Guardian reported on a 69-year-old Dutch man who said he does not feel his age – and started a battle to make himself legally 20 years younger.

"When I’m 69, I am limited," he said at the time. "If I’m 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different car. I can take up more work. When I’m on Tinder and it says I’m 69, I don’t get an answer. When I’m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position."

At WND, it was eight years ago that it was reported a Canadian university teacher has argued doctors should amputate the limbs of able-bodied, physically healthy individuals who consider themselves "transabled," positing such extreme procedures will help those people feel "empowered."

Clive Baldwin, a Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies who is an associate professor of social work at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada, says he has interviewed almost 40 people who identify as "transabled."

He told "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" at the time an amputation may be, in some circumstances, the "best way" to manage the feelings of being "transabled."

Baldwin described "transabalism" as "the desire or the need to move from being able-bodied to disabled. Because, the general consensus at the moment is one's body map in one's brain does not align with one's physical body."

He said being "transabled" is not a lifestyle choice but is "very much a deep felt need to become this way because their bodies are wrong."

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