Latest indictment from Durham probe reveals longtime connection with Clinton family

It took a long time, but it appears as if Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax is beginning to pay dividends.

According to Fox News, the latest indictment of Igor Danchenko, one of the sources for the infamous dossier assembled by former British spy Christopher Steele, revealed that the Russian national has ties with a man by the name of Chuck Dolan, who happens to have deep ties with the Clinton family. 

Dolan was originally only referred to in court documents as “PR Executive-I,” but was outed by his own lawyer, Ralph Drury Martin.

“Chuck understands and appreciates your interest. I can confirm that he is PR Executive-1 in the indictment,” Martin said. “As he is a witness in an ongoing case, it would not be appropriate for Chuck to comment further on the allegations in the indictment at this time.”

Longtime ties

The indictment painted a picture of just how far back Dolan’s connection with the Clintons goes, reaching all the way back to 1992, when he worked as a state chairman for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. He would repeat his work in that position for Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential campaign.

Dolan’s good service to former President Clinton was rewarded, as is typical, landing Dolan a coveted State Department advisory commission role.

Fast-forward roughly another decade, and Dolan was back to work for the Clinton family, this time as an adviser for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, and then again in 2016, with Dolan worked events and was on phone calls for her failed presidential bid.

As Fox News noted, Dolan also had ample experience working for the Russian government, as he was hired for a public relations role by the Russian Federation through his former employer.

It was during his time leading the Russian PR project that he made powerful connections in Russia, including connections with at least two others who were named in the dossier.

“Many more” indictments

Danchenko’s indictment, which revealed Dolan’s deep ties with the Clintons, came in the wake of the second indictment of yet another Clinton-connected player, attorney Michael Sussmann.

Sussman was part of Perkins Coie, a law firm that worked with both the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He was involved in the retainment of research firm Fusion GPS, which is the firm that hired Steele, who would later create the debunked, hoax, anti-Trump dossier.

As a result of these bombshell new developments, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe recently predicted that “many more” indictments will follow, according to the New York Post.

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