‘Late Show’ skit openly mocks Melania Trump

The liberal attack on conservative women continues.

Last week, Stephen Colbert opened up his show with a skit about the First Lady that he thought was funny, but it was nothing more than another liberal slam against a conservative woman.

More Liberal Twisting

Colbert, like his fellow liberals in the media, took a quote from Mrs. Macron and twisted it to no end.

After her visit to the United States, Brigitte Macron said that Melania was far more “constrained” than she is.

Macron stated, “She can’t even open a window at the White House. She can’t go outside. She’s much more constrained that I am.”

What Colbert failed to say is the reason why Melania cannot go outside or open a window.

It surely is not the President preventing her from doing these things.

In fact, it is the liberal media, like Colbert, that make doing these things uncomfortable for the First Lady.

The moment she sticks her head out, she gets pummeled with questions and attacked by the media.

If Conservatives Did It…

It is hard not to go back to the Obama presidency and compare how Michelle was treated compared to how Melania is being treated.

When rumors of Obama affairs started to make their way through right-wing publications, nobody dared ask Michelle a question.

Michelle was never mocked on late night or in the mainstream media, either.

The reason for that was simply because liberals control these media outlets.

Melania, who already was one to shy away from the limelight, is mercilessly assaulted on a daily basis.

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Yet, for some reason, they expect her to appease them and to come out in public, so they can shame her even more.

When Colbert wants to know why Melania is so “constrained,” he need look no further than his own shows highlights to answer the question.

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