GOP candidate Larry Elder gains ground in recall race against California Gov. Newsom

The mainstream media appears to be launching into overdrive in a bid to save Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom from being booted from office in an upcoming recall election.

According to reports, Newsom might face a serious threat from Republican contender Larry Elder. Now, some reporters and pundits appear to be stepping in to take the conservative columnist down.

“Stunned and unnerved”

A recent piece published by The New York Times declared that Elder’s rise in the race “has stunned and unnerved many in both parties.

In addition to the candidates running against him, it seems that the circumstances surrounding the recall attempt have also spooked many Democratic officials across California and nationwide.

The recall vote needs a majority approval and currently sits at roughly 48% with three weeks to go. If the effort reaches that threshold, the top vote-getter will be the state’s next governor.

Elder is leading among Newsom’s rivals with support from 22% of voters, according to polls. The upcoming election could prove to be a monumental opportunity for Republicans to strike at the Democratic Party’s longstanding control over the Golden State.

In an apparent response to the perceived threat, the Los Angeles Times recently ran an editorial titled: “Larry Elder is the Black Face of White Supremacy. You’ve Been Warned.”

“Scared to death”

For his part, Elder has sounded off on the accusations, including during a recent Fox News Channel interview with host Sean Hannity.

He said the media is portraying him as “a Black David Duke,” which he believes is proof that his political opponents “are scared to death.”

Another factor that could play to Elder’s benefit in the election is the growing sentiment among Californians that Newsom — and Democrats in general — have implemented disastrous policies in recent years. In fact, the recall effort itself stemmed from concerns about the governor’s job performance.

California is arguably the most progressive state in the country, and it is noteworthy that a Republican is so close to becoming its next governor.

Even if Newsom survives the recall election, this chapter in California politics should serve as a serious lesson for Democrats. Even in the most liberal of states, politicians will face consequences for going too far.

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