Larry Elder clinches key endorsement in race to recall Gov. Newsom

Former state Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero (D) has endorsed Republican hopeful Larry Elder over current California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in an upcoming recall election set for Sept. 14.

According to Fox News, Romero said in a video released by the Elder campaign she agreed with the conservative pundit and author on school choice and charter schools.

“Our public schools need big change,” she said, according to Fox. “I’m Gloria Romero; I was the majority leader of Democrats in the state Senate. I believe in charter schools and school choice. So does Larry Elder — but not Gavin Newsom. He shut our public schools while he sent his kids to private schools.”

Romero went on: “Yes: I’m a Democrat. But the recall of Newsom is not about political party. It’s about Newsom.”

A key endorsement

The endorsement could be key for Elder, who is currently leading a group of Republican candidates challenging Newsom in the upcoming recall.

The recall came about because many in both parties were upset that Newsom kept strict coronavirus-related restrictions in place months after other states had relaxed theirs, and that he broke his own protocols on more than one occasion.

Most famously, Newsom attended a party at a pricey restaurant last November that was at least partially indoors at a time when indoor dining was restricted statewide by his orders. He was also maskless, according to reports from the Associated Press and elsewhere.

“He was sitting with the very same lobbyists and medical professionals who drafted the mandates they were violating by not wearing masks and by not socially distancing,” Elder said in July of Newsom’s dinner, calling it “hypocrisy,” according to Fox.

Newsom on the edge

Polls show Newsom on the edge of being recalled, with 51% wanting to see him gone in the latest survey, according to the Los Angeles Times.

However, Newsom has raised $60 million to fight the recall, The Hill notes, and he is poised to spend it in the next few weeks through various groups and advertising efforts.

California has very lax voting laws, and early voting has already begun in the contest. Of the 1.5 million ballots received so far, 57% have been from Democrats and only 21% from Republicans, The Hill reports.

Democrats also have a huge registration advantage in the state, which will make the recall difficult to achieve.

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