US deploying large warship fleet close to Syria

It would appear as though President Trump had made up his mind as to how he is going to respond to the Syrian gas attack last week.

According to numerous reports, a large carrier strike group has been deployed to the Mediterranean.

Getting Testy

The USS Donald Cook is already in place and has been patrolling the area.

Earlier in the week, the ship was being harassed by Russian warplanes.

CNN Turk has reported the ship has been “buzzed” at least for times by the jet fighters.

The planes are no doubt doing recon work in anticipation of a strike everyone believes will be coming by the United States.

Strike Force

As the President and his defense staff mull over their options, ships are moving into place so they can be ready to strike when the call comes in.

With a massive strike expected as well as to protect the USS Donald Cook, a fleet has been dispatched to the Med.

Leading the strike force is the USS Harry S. Truman carrier.

The carrier will be accompanied by one Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate, six Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, and a cruise missile destroyer.

Several other ships will be joining up with the strike force later.

Bigger Presence

This deployment is a significantly bigger presence than what was used during the last missile cruise strike.

In 2017, after an early April chemical weapons attack, the United States launched almost six dozen guided missiles at a Syrian military installation.

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With a full carrier wing now available as well, Syria could be looking down the barrel at an all-out military strike by the United States.

With tensions already high between the United States and Russia, a strike in Syria will surely elevate matters significantly.

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