Lara Trump unconcerned about Democrat field after third debate

On Thursday, to little fanfare, the Democrat presidential field had its third debate.

After the debate was over, Lara Trump, Eric Trump’s wife and an adviser to Donald Trump, stated, “I really didn’t see anyone that worries us at the Trump campaign.”

Lackluster Performance

By now, there should be at least one candidate that is creating some sort of buzz around the country, but that is not happening.

What most of America saw, however, were a bunch of blasé candidates with no real message. Well, actually, let me take that back, they all did have one consistent message: That Donald Trump is a racist.

It is a message most Americans are tired of hearing. The accusations are also completely unfounded. On this, Lara Trump stated, “All you heard was them trying to bash the President, call him a racist, call him white supremacists blame him for the shootings in Texas, which is disgusting.”

Nobody Special

The Democrat establishment is doing everything it can to make Biden the nominee, but he keeps tripping over his own feet.

There is also the fact the party itself is preaching about change, and yet Biden is about as establishment as they come.

Bernie Sanders, while still a top contender, has failed to energize anyone but his own base. Of all the candidates, Elizabeth Warren has gained the most traction, but it will be very tough for her to win on a national scale.

Like both Biden and Sanders, she is already eligible for social security, but that is not the real problem for Warren. The real problem is that she is pushing a leftist agenda that most moderate Democrats will not be able to support.

Now, this does not mean they will vote for Trump, but it does mean if she does win the candidacy, a lot of Democrat voters may just stay home on Election Day.

Yes, most polls show Democrat candidates demolishing Trump, but the methodology in most polls has leaned heavily left, meaning they are not an accurate representation of the country.

It may be a little early to say that Trump can completely discount all the Democrat contenders, but it would be safe to say that at this point, the road seems pretty unobstructed for Trump to win a second term.

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