Lara Trump shatters Democrat narrative that Trump is anti-woman

Democrats pretend to be the party for women. However, while Democrats are talking the talk, Donald Trump is walking the walk.

According to Eric Trump’s wife Lara, the narrative that Donald Trump has not improved women’s lives is officially over. 

Great Strides for Women

Democrats can pretend all they want that President Trump hates women, but the facts clearly tell a different story.

According to the op-ed written by Laura Trump, the numbers for women are better across the board since Trump took office.

Unemployment among women in this country is now lower than the national average for all categories of unemployment. For women, it was 3.4% in April. That number is the lowest it has been in more than six decades.

Millions of jobs have been created due to the economic policies of this administration and women have filled a hearty 3.1 million of them.

It Gets Even Better

The benefits for women are not just relegated to the labor numbers, either. Laura Trump stated that there has also been a significant tax benefit for women who have families.

To make her point, she stated couples with two children pocketed almost $3,000 more this year specifically because of the tax breaks given to them by this administration.

These are all things that that would end if a Democrat is permitted to take up residence in the White House in 2021.

First, Dems want to undo the tax cuts, which would immediately hurt the pockets of these families. Additionally, if the companies hiring all these people are no longer getting their tax cuts, those jobs will likely no longer be there.

Laura Trump is so certain in her view that the future of women is far better in the hands of her father-in-law that it is in those of the Dems that she announced the launch of the Women for Trump coalition.

In addition to helping educate women on how this administration has benefitted them, Laura stated the group will also help shape White House policies in the future to ensure the good times keep rolling.

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