Lara Trump says Democrat lawfare isn't working, nostalgia will re-elect her father-in-law

 June 12, 2024

The Democratic party's attempt to brand Donald Trump a "convicted felon" is not dissuading voters from backing him, his daughter-in-law Lara Trump told Breitbart News.

Lara Trump, who co-chairs the RNC, said that swing voters are more concerned about issues like inflation and public safety than any label attached to Donald Trump's name.

Trump conviction a dud?

A fresh poll found that less than 50% of Americans approve of Trump's conviction - hardly the kind of consensus that Democrats would want to see - and 51% believe it was politically motivated.

Trump has vowed to appeal his conviction, but the unlikelihood of a reversal before the election means that the people will have to deliver their own verdict on November 5.

While Democrats try their best to label Trump a criminal, Joe Biden is faring poorly in the polls on issues that matter most to voters, like the economy and immigration.

“I think what suburban women are looking at right now are their kids and their families and they’re saying it is much harder to put food on the table for my family. It’s much harder to go to the grocery store and make my dollar stretch, much harder to fill up my gas tank," Lara Trump said.

"I don’t feel safe taking my kids places. I don’t feel safe as a woman walking certain places anymore in my community," she added.

Nostalgia for Trump

Lara Trump predicted that nostalgia for her father-in-law's presidency would be the deciding factor in another close election.

“Whether it’s suburban women, whether it’s black voters, Hispanic voters, everyone’s life is suffering right now, and people want to get back to normalcy. They want their country back. They want their life back...and they know who brought it to them," she said.

Lara Trump mocked the "convenient" timing of the sentencing date, which falls a few days before the Republican National Convention.

Trump is facing up to four years in prison at the hands of Judge Juan Merchan, the leftist judge who oversaw Trump's "hush money" trial.

Another variable was thrown into the mix this week with Hunter Biden's felony conviction on gun charges.

Republicans have dismissed the verdict as a distraction from more serious wrongdoing involving the Biden family and an attempt to make Trump's conviction look fair and impartial.

While it's too soon for Republicans to celebrate, Trump's conviction does not appear to be having the impact that Democrats hoped for.

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