Fox’s Tomi Lahren travels to Mexico border to get a closer look

The media coverage at the border has been completely one-sided, so Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren went on a mission “to get it right.”

Lahren traveled to the Mexican border to find out the real story on the border, where one agent told her the mainstream media coverage of the current crisis is like “looking through a straw out into space.”

The Untold Story

Most liberal news outlets have been trying to pawn a horrific story of out-of-control agents assaulting immigrants who are merely looking for a better life.

One of the most popular “slanted” stories documented an instance when agents were forced to use tear gas on storming caravan members.

According to the media, overly-aggressive agents were attacking women and children.

But what the leftist reporters neglected to mention was the fact the cowardly men in the group pushed the women and the children to the front of the group.

Then, using those women and children for protection, they started throwing projectiles at agents.

A border patrol agent talking to Lahren said: “You might see one little thing, but you’re missing the entire situation.”

He added: “My agents responded directly to a physical assault against them.”

Fake News Continues

Lahren’s report will be published exclusively on FoxNation, the network’s new subscription-based service.

Sadly, though, the false narrative will continue to be spread on most other major media outlets.

This is all being done in an effort to help Democrats regain power in 2020.

We have already seen what happens when Democrats get their way on the immigration issue.

Virtually every day, we hear a new, horrific story of yet another undocumented immigrant who was protected by a sanctuary city (or state) only to commit a heinous crime like rape or murder.

This will be the future of our country if Democrats have their way.

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Their move for power now will destroy this country for decades, and possibly longer — but they don’t care.

For them, it is about nothing more than holding the ring.

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