Tomi Lahren: Paul Manafort spent his entire trial in jail, but New Mexico terror suspects were released

Conservative Tomi Lahren is asking the same questions most reasonable Americans are asking today.

Why are the Muslim extremists responsible for the death of a small child out on bail while Paul Manafort is being jailed during his trial?

Bad Judge

The more details we know about the disturbing New Mexico case, the more the judge’s decision to release the five adults on $20,000 bail doesn’t make sense… and it didn’t make sense to begin with.

Judge Backus, who is presiding over the case, made it sound as though the State was out of line for wanting these individuals held without bail.

The defense also chimed in, making a case of religious persecution rather than actually addressing the concerns of abuse.

Now we know the children at the camp were actually being trained to kill.

In addition, at least one of the members of the camp has ties to one of the 1993 Trade Center bombers.

Oh, lest we forget, one of the women in the case is an undocumented immigrant who has been living here for 20 years illegally.

Lahren Hits It Out of the Park

Lahren was dead on in her Final Thoughts segment this week.

As human beings, people should be upset about this case.

This is not a conservative or liberal issue — it’s about the legitimate well-being of children.

If the same thing had happened in some Christian extremist compound, liberals would be all over it.

But, because it happened with Muslims, they are not so much as saying a peep about it.

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Every one of these adults should be imprisoned for life for what they did to these children.

Instead, though, an idiotic liberal judge put them right back on the street.

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