Tomi Lahren blasts Michelle Obama for ‘tasteless’ divorced dad comments

Former first lady Michelle Obama recently attempted to humiliate President Donald Trump by comparing America in the Trump era to a child spending a weekend with an irresponsible “divorced dad.”

The remark drew plenty of criticism from divorced dads and media figures, including conservative Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren, who decried the comments as “tasteless” but unsurprising.

Watch below:

Divorced dad

Obama made the comments during a promotion event in London for her new book “Becoming” that was hosted by late-night comedian Stephen Colbert.

Obama said of the nation, “And we come from a broken family. We’re a teenager, we’re a little unsettled and having good parents is tough.”

“Sometimes you spend weekends with divorced dad, that feels like it’s fun, but then you get sick — that’s what America is going through. We’re kind of living with divorced dad right now,” she added.

“Tasteless” insult

During an appearance Wednesday on “Fox & Friends,” Lahren addressed the “tasteless” remark from the former first lady.

“I think Michelle Obama is ‘becoming’ incredibly tasteless, and to use that kind of language to attack the president … I’m not very shocked or surprised by it,” Lahren said.

“But I will say this: Can you imagine if a conservative would compare anyone to a single mom in a derogatory fashion? There would be outrage. There would be backlash. It would be all over social media, it would just be mass outrage,” she continued.

“But because Michelle Obama is Michelle Obama — she’s a Democrat and she has the last name of Obama — she can get away with it,” Lahren noted. “She’s not just belittling Donald Trump, she’s belittling all those divorced dads and single dads out there that are doing a great job.”

Tomi Lahren is right, in that Michelle Obama’s intended swipe at President Trump actually managed to insult and demean hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of divorced fathers in this country who strive to raise their children right with sometimes little or no support from their former partner.

In that vein, playing along with Obama’s analogy, the divorced dad that is Trump is doing an excellent job trying to make things right for the kid — in this case America — with virtually no help and support from “mom” — in this case, Democrats.

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