LA Mayor Eric Garcetti lacks Dem Senate support for India ambassadorship vote: Report

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who will soon be leaving office, just embarrassed President Joe Biden in a big way.

According to a bombshell Axios report, Garcetti, who was picked by the Biden administration for a highly desirable ambassadorship to India, apparently does not have the support of members of his own party in the U.S. Senate, according to confidential reports from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) team.

It has been eight months since Garcetti was nominated for the position, which many rank highly as far as ambassadorships go.

“The cold math of a 50-50 Senate may force Biden to pull Garcetti’s nomination and find another candidate who can be seated as his envoy to the world’s largest democracy,” Axios noted.

What sparked this?

The news, which likely otherwise wouldn’t have been news at all, came about during a weekly “big picture” current Senate issues phone conference when someone presumably asked about whether or not a vote to confirm Garcetti would be on the schedule soon.

Several pieces of information came as a result of the question, with one of them being the fact that Schumer was not currently “whipping” the vote, meaning his office wasn’t attempting to see who would vote in favor of the confirmation and who wouldn’t.

Also, one of the presumably primary drivers of the lack of confidence in Garcetti’s confirmation to the post are reports of sexual misconduct within his own office that have seemed to settle down much.

It was also revealed that at least five Democratic senators were “wavering” over Garcetti’s nomination, which is not a good sign for the outgoing L.A. mayor.

“Holds” on nomination

As it turns out, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Joni Ernest (R-IA) had both placed “holds” on Garcetti’s nomination over the potential sexual misconduct scandal within Garcetti’s office. Both senators are awaiting the conclusion of an investigation into the matter.

“The core of the allegations stems from a lawsuit filed by Los Angeles Police Department officer Matthew Garza, who claimed that Rick Jacobs, while the mayor’s deputy chief of staff, sexually harassed him,” Axios noted.

Only time will tell if Garcetti manages to land the dream job, but all indications look as though he’d better brush up his resume for something else, as he appears to be too toxic now.

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