LA councilwomen file hate crimes charges after Larry Elder was attacked by protesters

Two minority Venice Beach councilwomen, who were with California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder when he was attacked on Wednesday during a walk through a homeless encampment, have filed hate crimes charges against the white woman who donned a gorilla suit and threw eggs at Elder while shouting racial slurs, PJ Media reports.  

The attack was part of a nasty protest that also resulted in the woman punching one of Elder’s crew members. Other protesters confronted Elder in a threatening manner before he and others jumped into an SUV and drove away from the scene.

Councilwoman Soledad Ursua said that the attacks were “disgusting” and urged Twitter followers to “vote YES to recall @GavinNewsom.”

Councilwomen react

Ursua said she and Chie Lunn, who also walked with Elder, “are the only women of color on the council,” and felt targeted by the aggressive and violent protesters. Ursua was able to identify one of the protesters as a local MMA fighter.

“That’s expensive to do,” Ursua said. “He’s not some homeless guy out for a protest.” She also said that no one on the Los Angeles City Council has said anything about the disgraceful incident.

“Sheriff Alex Villanueva is the only one who asked about this being a hate crime,” she said. “Where’s the FBI? Where’s the LAPD?”

Misleading story

Instead of reporting a factual account about the attack on Elder, Ursua, and Lunn, the LA Times instead made it look like Elder had committed the assault and tangled with police.

They ran a story titled, “LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at a Venice homeless encampment,” with a grossly misleading photo that made it look as if Elder was slapping Ursua.

Ursua was outraged at the misleading story and attempted to correct the record in another tweet.

The Times finally corrected their tweet roughly 20 hours later and used a different picture, but it’s clear that they are willing to lie and deceive their readers as much as possible in order to prevent him from becoming the next governor of California.

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